As good as it gets

It is hard to believe that this was actually only the first day of this exciting conference! Needless to say, it was a day filled with superb plenary sessions, including some by Paul Glasziou and Gordan Guyatt; very interesting oral as well as poster presentations; meeting people from all over the world (although 2/3rds of delegates are from India) and sharing EBHC experiences; and last but not least a delicious Indian dinner where we had the opportunity for more networking and mingling on a more social level.

What I found particularily innovative was one of the poster presentations on how clinical librarians help doctors do EBHC in large hospitals in the UK. Clinical Librarians? Until today, I did not know that they existed, although I think it is a fabulous idea: These are librarians who work alongside the healthcare professionals in the clinical field. Amongst other things, they attend wardrounds (armed with an iPad) to look up any evidence that is needed to answer questions – at the bedside! I really think this is great: no more excuses of not having time to look up the evidence (as you have an expert right by your side) or about not having searching skills, access to information at the bedside etc.

This is as good as it gets for clinicians. And yes, they still need to be taught EBHC skills.


1 thought on “As good as it gets

  1. Dear Anke, Thank you for these nice reports from India! I am just back from Ethiopia and the Collaboration for Evidence Based Healthcare in Africa’s (CEBHA) Librarians ‘Training of the Trainers’ workshop, (with two participants from South Africa). We discussed the issue you are reporting on from the UK, and it is actually already practiced in Africa too. In Uganda at Mulago teaching hospital at Makerere University some of the librarians are doing rounds with the doctors, and it has been well recieved after some initial queries.. It seemed like other countries were inspired by this and would like to try it out in their setting. Best regards Frode Forland, CEBHA.

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